Top 10 NFT projects in 2022! 

Maciej Zieliński

26 Jul 2022
Top 10 NFT projects in 2022! 

The increasing digitization of almost every sector of the economy has made NFT tokens more popular. The technology itself can offer a lot to its participants. The benefits can start from enhancing digital currency, to copyrighting music, movies and art, and even creating a single community. Interestingly - in 2021 alone, the NFT market generated token sales of about $75,736,378. Not surprisingly, many people are thinking about buying their own NFT, but don't know what its value might be. What projects are worth exploring in 2022? Why exactly is a particular NFT attractive? We write about it below! 


How to assess whether a given NFT is attractive? 

The value of a given NFT is determined by a number of factors - from the team behind it to the technology that represents a particular NFT. The most important elements that suggest that a given NFT is attractive are the following:

  • Rarity - a determination of how difficult it is to obtain an NFT token. 
  • Utility - defining the use of a particular NFT in digital and physical versions. 
  • Tangibility - linking the digitization of the NFT to the physical world. 

Each of the functions can be checked with the appropriate tools. We wrote more on this topic -> here. If you check a given project using these tools and taking into account the factors mentioned above, you will be more aware of a potential NFT purchase. 


Top 10 NFT projects in 2022! 

Nevertheless, we have prepared a list of the top 10 NFT projects for 2022. We point out here that this is the subjective assessment of the author of the text and is not intended to encourage anyone to make an investment/purchase of a particular NFT. You are welcome!

LazyLions NFT

This is an NFT platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. LazyLions offers 160 different features that distinguish each lion. The features in question include clothes, mane, facial expressions and more. LazyLions is also a meeting place for the NFT community in the form of Private Island. The benefits of NFT LazyLions include additional Airdrops, individual communication channels with the community, you get voting rights regarding the project. When you purchase a Lazy Lions or Lazy Bungalows NFT image, the art is completely yours. Whether you want to print and sell the merchandise, use it in advertising, or want it to be the star of your own show! You can read more about the project itself on its website, which can be found -> here. 

Unusual whales 

Unusual whales is an NFT project that collects 6,969 whales. Each of them has individual characteristics, which makes them rare. In addition, the project has special tools to help make investments. The site tracks whale transactions in the NFT market and follows the best portfolios in the space. According to the creators, the whales are supposed to help trade cryptocurrencies through relevant tools and cut off any speculators. An interesting point is that you can buy whales at attractive prices. In the future, it is planned to implement investment solutions from the capital market into the NFT project. Details about the project can be found on this page -> click. 


This is a project that was developed on the Ethereum Blockchain in 2017. It was developed using Larva Labs studio. It has 10,000 unique collectible items with ownership in its database. The very premise of the project is punks that can be purchased, auctioned and sold. Each punk has a background color, which indicates its situation i.e. whether it is for sale or not. This design is attractive due to the fact that, realistically, the supply of NFTs has been limited invariably to 10,000 pieces, which ensures that they do not fall in value. The graphics themselves are associated with childhood games on old consoles, which also has its own appeal. The project website can be found -> here. 

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate and NFT

At a time when every young person is familiar with the Twilight film series and is aware of the existence of B. Dracula. Stoker, it didn't take long for NFTs related to vampires. According to the creators, there are 8,888 vampires, where each of them has its own specific traits and characteristics. Interestingly - the NFT itself is in a way an aftermath of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and its creators. The plot of Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is set in a vampire house fenced off from the reach of sunlight, where each vampire takes action. The project itself is interesting for several reasons:

  • first - it has been a success right from the start, 
  • second - the people behind it are those who make up the Bored Ape Yacht Club with experience in this subject matter, 
  • third - the amount of NFT supply has been limited to 8,888 vampires, 
  • fourth - an NFT purchase reservation system was created, which led to saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for Ethereum gas. 

Are you interested in the concept of vampires in NFT? Read more about it -> here. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club

This is an NFT project that is already known almost everywhere in the cryptocurrency and blcokchain technology community. It consists of 10,000 NFT monkeys, where each monkey has its own uniqueness. The NFT itself is popular with global celebrities such as Eminem and Snoop Dogg. People who buy monkeys get access to the vip community. Access to the club itself gives many benefits - from earning from the increase in the value of the monkey, to participation in events organized with celebrities in the US.  In our opinion, the appeal of the project lies in the limited supply of NFT tokens, access to a cool group of people and organized events. Although the project is extremely popular, it is still worth learning more about it. You can find them -> here. 

The cryptoDads

The cryptoDads is a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated NFTs based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The NFT color scheme itself is reminiscent of the TV series "Bobs Burgers." The collection is a satire of mid-life crises in men who have been placed in the world of cryptocurrencies and graphics. It's an interesting design that deviates in its construction and behavior from others. The cryptoDads focuses on quality in artwork, rather than the rarity of the piece. The goal of NFT's founders is for people to identify with the virtual figures and have an emotional approach to them. The approach to people owning NFT on cryptoDads is interesting - they have access to channels on a variety of topics, including sites with memes and jokes about fathers, pets, the garage, etc. A very cool aspect is that members can also ask any questions or seek help with issues they are facing. The satirical page of the NFT itself can be found here -> check it out. 


This is a project that means more than just NFT. The randomly generated avatar can appear in 2D or 3D. The graphic process itself is based on the evolution of humans from monkeys. Each monkey has specific features that make them visually appealing. The project makes NFT monkeys affiliated with charities and donates about 10% of profits to them , to play their key role in improving the world. It's a cool initiative that focuses on helping others, seeing people's development and directing their thinking towards charitable actions. Do you like CybreKongs? Check out their website


The creator of the NFT platform is Gary Vaynerchuk - an American entrepreneur, author of four New York Times bestsellers, motivational speaker and internationally renowned Internet personality. He created NFT aimed at developing and supporting his business and creative ideas. Each token within the Series 1 collection is based on one of 268 characters that were originally hand-drawn by Vaynerchuk as representations of human traits. Interestingly, he displays qualities that he himself uniquely values in another human being. NFT buyers get access to Gary's materials and have a real impact on the development of his ideas. It's an interesting concept, because there is a real successful man behind it, who can be supported by us. We encourage you to check out more information about the project on his website. 


Uunicorns stands for Uninterested Unicorns. The project is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, and the number of unicorns is 6900. It was founded by Terence Ting, who is also the owner of esports company Team Flash, Co-founder of The Asian Mint. The creators believe that their project is the development and expansion of the Internet economy, metaverse and video games. uUnicorn is to create an online entertainment destination for every token holder. The unicorns themselves have a nice and aesthetically pleasing design in the climate of a digital fairy tale. uUnicorns has its own website, which presents more information about the NFT in question. 

Doge Pound

The NFT platform consists of attractive artworks depicting dogs in hipster outfits. This NFT is created with the help of complex algorithms that combine many individual features on the dogs, for example, clothes, fur, hat, eyes, background and more. Each Doge Pound is aesthetically pleasing and individual. A very important advantage is that  each Doge Pound NFT carries a different initial value, which is determined by considering various factors. It is not the most popular project, but it is gaining interest. Work is underway regarding the creation of tokens and accessories for the Metaverse. Early entry into the Metaverse will make Doge Pound one of the first NFTs in the new technological world.

You can read more about the project itself on its website, which can be found -> here. 


As you can see, the NFT token market is becoming more and more popular. However, we should remember to check each platform with the right tools. An important aspect is to check the history of the project, team members and token supply. Tokenomics, is an essential element that should be analyzed before buying NFT. The above list is our subjective discussion of projects and should not be taken as an offer or investment proposal. 

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What is Account Abstraction?


10 Nov 2023
What is Account Abstraction?

Account abstraction is a new way of thinking about how users interact with blockchains. Instead of using traditional externally owned accounts (EOAs), account abstraction allows users to create and manage their accounts using smart contracts. This has a number of potential benefits, including improved security, enhanced privacy, and increased flexibility.

What is account abstraction?

Account abstraction is a concept that, at its core, aims to simplify the user's interaction with blockchain networks. It is a transformative approach that seeks to mask the technicalities of blockchain operations from end-users. It is making transactions as straightforward as sending an email. Account Abstr. allows users to interact with the blockchain without worrying about the underlying technical details.

How does account abstraction differ from the traditional model?

In the traditional account model, each user has an EOA. EOAs are controlled by private keys, which must be kept secret in order to protect the user's funds. Acc. abstraction allows users to create and manage their accounts using smart contracts.

Historical Context

The journey towards acc. abstraction began with the first generation of blockchain technologies, characterized by their "one-size-fits-all" approach to account management. Bitcoin, for instance, introduced the concept of accounts and transactions in a form that was accessible to tech-savvy individuals but remained perplexing to the layperson. Ethereum expanded on this by introducing smart contracts, which opened the door to programmable transactions but did not alter the fundamental account structure. The idea of acc. abstraction has been discussed in the Ethereum community for several years as a part of various Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), particularly as a feature to be potentially implemented in Ethereum 2.0. It is a direct response to the need for a more versatile and user-centric design that can cater to a broader audience and spur the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

The Technicalities of Account Abstraction

Account abstraction is not merely a theoretical construct but a technical innovation with specific mechanisms underpinning its operation. In essence, it alters the way transactions are initiated and executed within a blockchain network.

How Account Abstraction Works

Under traditional blockchain models, initiating a transaction involves an externally owned account (EOA) signing a transaction with a private key. This transaction is then broadcast to the network for validation and inclusion in the blockchain. Account abstraction, however, replaces this process with a more flexible one. Here, every account is a smart contract, and transactions are messages sent through these contracts. These smart contracts can encode complex rules for transaction validation, beyond what EOAs can do, such as multi-signature requirements or conditional transactions based on certain triggers.

The technical crux of account abstraction lies in the smart contract’s ability to define its own conditions for transaction execution. This means that user accounts can have unique security protocols or automated operations without the user needing to understand the underlying smart contract code.

Hey! Are you interested in the latest technologies in the blockchain area? be sure to read the article 'Top Zero-Knowledge Proof Projects to watch in 2023'

The Benefits of Account Abstraction

The implications of account abstraction are profound, offering a range of benefits that can enhance the blockchain experience for users and developers alike.

Improved User Experience

One of the most significant advantages of account abstraction is the improvement it brings to user experience. By abstracting away the complexities of key management and transaction rules, it presents a more intuitive interface for users.

Enhanced Security Features

Account abstraction also allows for the implementation of advanced security measures. Since each account can define its own logic, users can tailor their security settings to their specific needs. For instance, one might set up an account that requires additional verification for transactions exceeding a certain value or restricts withdrawals to certain addresses.

Future Implications

The future implications of account abstraction are vast. As the technology matures, it could become a standard feature of blockchain networks, potentially making the current distinction between user accounts and smart contracts obsolete. This could lead to a new wave of blockchain applications that are both powerful and accessible, bringing us closer to the vision of blockchain technology as a seamless part of everyday life.

Challenges and Considerations

Technical Limitations

One of the primary technical challenges of Acc. abstraction lies in its integration with existing blockchain protocols. Current networks are optimized for the EOA model, and introducing a new account structure necessitates significant changes to the core protocol. This includes modifications to the way transactions are propagated in the network, how gas fees are calculated, and how the state of the blockchain is managed. Ensuring that these changes do not compromise the network's performance or security requires careful planning and extensive testing.

Compatibility with Current Systems

Another consideration is the compatibility of account abstr. with the vast ecosystem of existing blockchain applications and services. Wallets, exchanges, and other services have been built around the traditional account model. Transitioning to an acc. abstraction model will require these services to update their infrastructure, which may be a complex and resource-intensive process. Furthermore, there is a need for standardization across the industry to ensure that different implementations of account abstr. can work seamlessly together.


Acc. abstraction represents a significant leap forward in the quest for a more user-friendly blockchain experience. By streamlining the transaction process and offering enhanced security features, acc abstraction has the potential to make blockchain technology more accessible to a broader audience. However, the path to widespread adoption is not without its obstacles. Technical challenges and compatibility issues must be carefully navigated to integrate it into the existing blockchain landscape.

Key Takeaways

How to Add Gnosis Chain to MetaMask: A Simple Tutorial


03 Nov 2023
How to Add Gnosis Chain to MetaMask: A Simple Tutorial

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem expands, there is an increasing need for various blockchains with distinct capabilities. Gnosis Chain enters the scene, offering a selection of unique characteristics. By integrating Gnosis Chain with MetaMask, users can access a more comprehensive array of decentralized services. We will walk you through the steps to add Gnosis Chain to your MetaMask wallet in this tutorial.


Setting up MetaMask

Before exploring the integration of Gnosis Chain, it is crucial to have MetaMask installed and operational:

  • Download and Install: If you have not done so already, visit the official website to download and install the MetaMask browser extension.
  • Setup Account: After completing the installation, create your account and make sure to remember the provided seed phrase. This phrase serves as your primary means for account recovery, so keep it secure.
  • Secure Your Account: Protecting your MetaMask account is of utmost importance. Use a robust password and never disclose your seed phrase to anyone.

Gnosis Chain

It is always helpful to have a basic understanding before incorporating any new blockchain into your wallet:

  • Gnosis Chain Overview: Gnosis Chain, a rising star in the blockchain world, brings a range of decentralized solutions to the table, such as prediction markets and decentralized trading platforms.
  • Benefits & Features: Among Gnosis Chain's main selling points are its accelerated transaction speeds and potentially lower fees when compared to congested networks.

Tutorial: How to Add Gnosis Chain to MetaMask

In the top right-hand corner of your browser, you'll find the wallet. If pinned, click on the MetaMask fox icon; if not, click the three dots in the top-right corner. The following screen will appear:

An option to expand the wallet to a new browser page is available by clicking "Expand view:"

This action will launch MetaMask in a new tab:

By clicking on the ‘Ethereum mainnet’ in the top left corner, you can add another network. Click ‘Add Network’

Choose option ‘Add a network manually’

Then, input the information below:

Network Name: Gnosis Chain formerly xDai


ChainID: 100

Symbol: XDAI

Block Explorer URL:

After saving the settings, Gnosis Chain will be added to your network.

The Benefits of Adding Gnosis Chain to MetaMask

With multiple blockchains becoming more common, integrating Gnosis Chain with MetaMask offers numerous advantages:

Expanded Capabilities: Accessing Gnosis Chain through MetaMask opens up a collection of exclusive applications and features inherent to this particular blockchain, which may include unique dapps or cutting-edge financial products.

Diversification: The crypto domain is extensive and constantly growing. By incorporating various chains like Gnosis into MetaMask, you broaden your potential investment opportunities and decentralized application experiences, ensuring no opportunities are missed.

Speed & Cost-Effectiveness: Network congestion and high gas fees on established platforms like Ethereum can discourage many users. Gnosis Chain's architecture has the potential to provide relief through quicker transaction times and more affordable fees.

In summary, as the possibilities within the crypto sphere continue to evolve, tools like MetaMask grant users access to this expanding world. By adding chains like Gnosis, users can stay ahead in this decentralized revolution.


By bridging platforms like Gnosis Chain with accessible tools like MetaMask, individuals not only amplify their engagement with decentralized applications but also fortify their position in this expansive realm. The integration of Gnosis Chain to MetaMask epitomizes the evolution of the crypto landscape – a testament to its ever-growing diversity and potential. As we continue to delve deeper into the decentralized future, tools and integrations like these will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping our digital experiences and opportunities. Whether you're seeking more efficient transactions, diverse dapp interactions, or simply a broader understanding of the crypto ecosystem, this guide's steps open doors to a new horizon.