Best Blockchain Launchpads for Play-To-Earn games in 2022! 

Maciej Zieliński

07 Oct 2022
Best Blockchain Launchpads for Play-To-Earn games in 2022! 

Table of Contents Launchpad: 

  • Is gaming evolving? - Choosing the suitable launchpad
  • UniX Game 
  • GameFi
  • Seedify
  • Gamestarter
  • Enjin Starter
  • PlayPad
  • Game Zone 
  • Red Kite
  • IDO from Red Knite - helpful information
  • ROCO Finance
  • Summary

Launchpad, is a decentralized exchange-based (DEX) platform that allows you to create new coins and tokens and launch a cryptocurrency project. It allows investors to invest funds in projects that have not yet come to market. Combined with Play To Earn games, which will enable you to play and earn money simultaneously, it creates a new gaming market. With tokens in games, we can exchange skins for characters, remake them, or pay for various services. Launchpad consolidates all of the above into one cohesive whole. In addition, in some cases, tokens and NFTs can be traded on decentralized NFT exchanges and markets outside the gaming environment. Which launchpads are attractive, and what do they offer? How to choose the best Launchpad for Play-To-Earn games? We write about it below!

Is gaming evolving? 

More and more young, as well as more experienced people, are starting their adventure with computer games. The virtual world, metaverse, storyline, and developed characters make this market constantly growing. Interestingly - as of today, the gaming industry is worth twice as much as the music industry and is steadily increasing! Therefore, it is no surprise to anyone that gaming is of interest not only to consumers but also to IT companies that create productions. Below are the best Launchpands for Play To Earn games! Why is this crucial information? Because the gaming market has been growing by several hundred percent in 3 years! 

UniX Game Launchpad

UniX Gaming is a gaming community and platform that aims to become the largest guild in the Play-to-Earn industry. The IGO Launchpad platform is currently being developed by it and can be considered the company's main project. With over 200,000 members, 20 eSports teams, and 27 million stream watchers, the community is positioned well enough to be at the forefront. UniX Gaming has so far partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, including:

  • Big Time,
  • Furious Engines,
  • Atlas of the Stars,
  • Elumia's Legends,
  • League of Monkeys.

Unix IGO Launchpad will provide community members with early access to some of the latest AAA games (e.g., God Of War, Total War Warhammer III, Elden Ring, Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Extraction) before they are released to the broader public. As a result, those involved in the project will be able to play some of the best blockchain games at discounted prices. Communities will have different degrees of access to the starter, depending on the number of UniX tokens issued. The rating system will be divided into five categories:

  • Common - this level is open to anyone who puts up at least 2,000 UniX Tokens. Members of this level will be placed in a lottery to win tokens from IGO. Regular members will receive a pool weight of 30 when booking.
  • Unusual - this level is open to members who have invested 5,000 tokens. Participants in this level will still take part in the token distribution drawing, but their pool weight will be increased to 65, giving them a better chance to win. These members will also receive initial access to the game's closet of lingerie and gadgets.
  • Rarity - fans who wager 20,000 tokens will receive a guaranteed distribution instead of participating in the lottery. Their weight in the pot will increase to 145. They will also receive the first batch of in-game gear and items and NFT drops.
  • Epic - They will need 50,000 tokens to enter Epic. As a result, the pool weight increases to a staggering 400. This is a guaranteed range, and in addition to all the rewards from the previous level, members receive early access to the game.
  • Remarkable - We need to wager 100,000 tokens to reach this level, but the rewards are downright epic. These members are guaranteed to distribute more than 700 private IGOs. There's also quite a treat waiting for them, as the rank in question also provides the opportunity to chat with the game's developers. As if that wasn't enough - NFT emissions, unique equipment, and legendary in-game items are also a kind of reward associated with Remarkable.

GameFi Launchpad

GameFi is an IGO launcher that offers many services to help games succeed. It was created by a Vietnamese team responsible for the success of Red Kite Launchpad. GameFi has released 13 blockchain-based games, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. GameFi includes programs such as Yields, Aggregator, Marketplace, and Accelerator within its ecosystem.

GameFi provides users with various mining pools with different slot values. For example, DeathRoad IGO slots are available for $100 and $40. The platform operates on a first-come, first-served basis, and the winner will receive a place in IGO.

GameFi's crowdfunding game plan includes:

  • Orbitau,
  • Bots that are rebellious,
  • BullieVerse,
  • Elumia's Legends,
  • Metaverse of Gunstar,
  • Online Polygonum,
  • Game of the Killbox.

GameFi's native currency, GAFI, has many uses, including passive income from betting. Token holders must wager their GAFI coins to participate in IGO.

To participate in GameFi's IGO, you must first place GAFI on the company's website. This way, you can improve your level. Starting with zero-sum GAFI bets, you will enter Rookie, Elite, Pro, and Legend. Each group has its own advantages and requires higher GAFI levels and stakes. Many IGO methods are available, including community sales, real IGOs, and even private sales if the project so desires. You can also purchase so-called mystery boxes. Buying a Mystery Box allows you to make a larger donation to the IGO than you would otherwise. This will give you an NFT to play with and allow you to invest more money in in-game tokens.

Seedify Launchpad

Seedify is a Binance Smart Chain startup platform for blockchain-based games operated by GameFi IGO. A group of blockchain experts created IGO Launchpad in early 2021 and have been completing IGO ever since.

The platform's native SFUND tokens must be linked and can be used for investment projects. Like any DeFi network, we can bet SFUND on passive income through additional tokens.

We can also use it to invest in initiatives that interest us, increasing the value of our SFUND while giving purpose to our tokens.

The ROI of a token depends on the hierarchy. The more SFUND tokens we have and the more we put in as part of the pool, the higher our position will be.

Each of Seedify's nine tiers maintains a pool and requires users to deposit their SFUND, the platform's utility token.

Tiers 2 through 9 are guaranteed, while Tier 1 is entirely random. The higher level you are assigned, the more money you will invest in the project.

Before joining IGO on this platform, users must go through an identity verification process using the Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol. They must also purchase the appropriate tokens and store them in their wallets.

Crowdfunding game projects on Seedify include:

  • Trade on the Internet,
  • Heroes enslaved,
  • MetaStrike,
  • MOBLAND is a place where people live (Previously known as Syn City),
  • Penguin Karts is a company that makes cards for,
  • Misfits in Space,
  • Supernova,
  • The Relationship,
  • Defishing World.

The community chooses to support projects based on management standards. Community development and marketing assistance are also part of the package.

Seedifyt is essentially a showcase for emerging cryptocurrency traders with game concepts while allowing any entrepreneur or inventor to submit their work for review by the community. If the review is positive, the project will receive funding.

Gamestarter Launchpad

Gamestarter is an IGO launchpad specializing in NFT video games. Gamestarter is considered one of the most modern Tier 2 implementations.

It is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform designed to help unbiased developers raise funds by allowing them to pre-sell any in-game content using non-transferable tokens (NFTs).

Essentially, this means that any unusual armor, weapons, unusual cars, or even replacements for them will be certified and delivered as NFTs.

Gamestarter has completed a number of missions, many of which are in development or pre-sale.

Its crowdfunding game issues include:

  • BitHotel,
  • Crypto Fight Club,
  • Dark Frontiers,
  • Demole,
  • Dynasty,
  • Moo Monster,
  • Nintia,
  • Project Seed.

Gamestarter is powered by the GAME cryptocurrency token designed for Ethereum. Once consumers acquire GAME coins, they can purchase any NFT resource or product across the community. A critical incentive underpinning the Gamestarter is the GAME token. As the IGO approaches, an initial drawing can be held to determine who qualifies. The more GAME tokens you wager, the better your chances of reaching the limit. However, anyone who bets more than 5,000 GAME tokens will receive a guaranteed distribution, followed by the Legendary level, which provides a larger guaranteed distribution. Gamestarter is a crowdfunding platform that offers sports game developers many viable opportunities to realize their creations and raise funds. Everyone has the same opportunity to purchase their GAME tokens and invest them in cryptocurrency video games developed on the platform.

Enjin Starter

Enjin Starter is an IGO platform for blockchain and Metaverse games. Enjin's Jumpnet Blockchain was used to create it. There are no transaction fees, which is a big plus. Enjin Starter also creates non-financial low-carbon (NFT) tokens and important contracts. By promoting NFTs, sports builders rely mainly on Enjin commodities and are rewarded for their ingenuity. In addition, game developers can increase task revenues primarily based on Enjin goods by promoting NFT. It is worth noting that Enjin Starter's staff has a rich gaming history, led by the CEO and CTO of cryptocurrency and NFT video game pioneer Enjin. Enjin Starter has done crowdfunding work on games such as:

  • Age of Tanks,
  • Attack Wagon,
  • Ecia,
  • Gaia Everworld,
  • Kryxivia,
  • PathDAO,
  • Project Defina,
  • Zomfi.

Enjin is considered a developer of games equivalent to the popular Mincecraft.


PlayPad is an expanded IGO platform for games and digital reality programs to make money in-game. While other portals are blockchain-specific, PlayPad can support any company using Ethereum EVM and does so independently. This IGO launchpad supports Polygon, Ethereum, and BSC networks.

PlayPad is very different from other IGO launchpads; it helps with VR video games and NFT-based tasks. The platform can be used to fund and support video metagames developed for VR headsets such as Meta Quest 2 and HTC Vive Pro 2.

Independent sports developers have the opportunity to promote in-game items as NFT. This gives project owners new opportunities to increase capital.

PlayPad and its works:

  • SolChicks,
  • Altava,
  • MechaChain,
  • Toyo,
  • Nomad Exiles,
  • Cheers,
  • Defly,
  • AGV.

The platform uses a level design to make IGO courses more accessible and fair. We can also place a PPAD platform token in a staking pool supported by PlayPad.

Game Zone 

Players can enjoy NFT Play-to-Earn games developed on all significant blockchains, including Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Ethereum, from one place.

Investors can participate in complex hierarchies on the site. By placing a GZONE (Game Zone Token), users can gain access to new winning games, sweepstakes, beta versions, and NFT screenshots.

As more GZONEs are placed, the weight of the pool increases, and we gain access to more early access features and events.

GameZone's tier-based distribution process allows everyone to play the most sought-after blockchain-based games. Better distributions benefit from higher levels, including more and less NFT, more tokens, or a better NFT-to-token ratio.

Through the GameZone Grant Program, high-potential game companies can access funding and leverage BlueZilla's extensive network and resources, including legal, marketing, technical, and consulting services.

Game Zone crowdfunding game plans include:

  • Dotpad,
  • Fantastic NFTs,
  • World of Pax Pax Pax Pax Pa,
  • Revomon,
  • Verve.

Red Kite

Red Kite is one of the leading platforms for launching blockchain projects. These platforms are usually referred to as launchpads.

In short, it's a platform for raising funds for an early-stage cryptocurrency project from retail investors rather than funds. Investors get faster access to innovative product features as a reward for participating in an early-stage project launch.

Red Kite is one of the most productive and active launchpads, with projects such as Tribe, Bunicorn, and Step Hero launching on the platform. 

IDO on Red Knite - helpful information

To participate in IDO on Red Kite, we need to have a certain amount of PKF tokens in our cryptocurrency wallet.

Holders of such coins must place their PKF tokens in a pool of shares to qualify for IDO. The platform uses a tiered allocation system depending on the number of PKF tokens we allocate to participate in a given IDO.

The more of them we allocate, the higher our position, and thus the better our chances of being allowed.

There are two ways to get tokens for projects entering the IDO:

Lottery. Users receive tokens after the lottery,

Guaranteed token distribution. User accounts must have at least 40,000 PKF to ensure coin issuance.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:

500 PKF - Lottery,

5000 PKF - Lottery,

40000 PKF - Guaranteed token allocation,

80000 PKF - Guaranteed allocation of tokens.

Currently, the price per PKF token is £0.7673, so it is worth remembering that you need to spend about £30,400 to get a guaranteed token distribution.

ROCO Finance

ROCO Finance is a fully decentralized GameFi platform that connects content creators, game developers, and gamers with blockchain services. Their main goal is to help developers successfully list and launch their games and cryptocurrency coins.

They offer a flagship game called Rise Online, based on the Avalanche blockchain and gives us access to game development tools and applications. It's a popular cryptocurrency platform that has generated much interest in the ROCO Finance launchpad.

The game has also attracted the attention of prominent investors such as Huobi Capital and Alameda Research. It is worth mentioning that ROCO Finance lowers entry barriers for players while combining blockchain technology infrastructure with gaming solutions.

Performing multiple tasks will allow you to participate in any IGO:

Authenticate yourself using "Know Your Customer" (KYC) protocols,

Then place your ROCO tokens in the IGO pool to participate,

You must also vote to participate in the upcoming IGO ROCO for community-funded game projects, including such as:

  • Rise Online,
  • Xerians,
  • Dogeon,
  • Akitavax,
  • Islander,
  • Crabada,
  • Heroes of NFT,
  • Tale Craft,
  • Kaira.

ROCO also provides NFT services to game developers and the gaming community, including management, distribution and exchange of virtual items.

Players can convert game profits into real money or exchange cash for in-game currency, allowing them to add funds to their digital wallets as they play. While playing, players can also trade in the real world.

DAO Maker

DAO Maker is a detail-focused startup funding platform. It enables many retail investors and individuals to participate in venture capital.

DAO Pad is the company's flagship product, a multi-investment platform that allows DAO coin holders to participate in early token sales for new projects.

In addition to the well-known DAO Pad product, DAO Maker offers several additional services for growing blockchain-based ventures. These include incubation services, operational and consulting services, and social mining as one of the company's established products.

DAO Maker has crowdfunded game projects, including:

  • Dragon SB,
  • Infinity Skies,
  • KingdomX,
  • Meta Gaming Guild,
  • MetaGods,
  • Spellfire,
  • Street Runner.

To participate in the DAO Maker launchpad, users must have "DAO Power" privileges.

Interested parties can either place a DAO token and exchange it for DAO Power at a ratio of 1:1 or provide liquidity to a DAO pair and exchange LP tokens for DAO Power at a ratio of 1:1.5. After locking DAO for 5 days, users can collect. 

DAO Power.

The more DAO resources we have, our position will be more profitable. Those with more DAO power will have a real chance to win whitelisting, as the number of holders for each segment will decrease over time.

DAO Maker provides a powerful flagship service that facilitates dynamic token issuance and various positive incentives, such as social mining to generate reward opportunities and its own native DAO token that allows holders to participate in token sale events.


The gaming market is growing steadily. Currently, gaming industry revenues are more significant than cinema or music revenues. According to PWC reports, it is estimated that gaming globally will be worth more than $321 billion by 2026 ("Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2022-26"). If you are also interested in this market, you will undoubtedly find the list of Launchpads above helpful. 

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What is Account Abstraction?


10 Nov 2023
What is Account Abstraction?

Account abstraction is a new way of thinking about how users interact with blockchains. Instead of using traditional externally owned accounts (EOAs), account abstraction allows users to create and manage their accounts using smart contracts. This has a number of potential benefits, including improved security, enhanced privacy, and increased flexibility.

What is account abstraction?

Account abstraction is a concept that, at its core, aims to simplify the user's interaction with blockchain networks. It is a transformative approach that seeks to mask the technicalities of blockchain operations from end-users. It is making transactions as straightforward as sending an email. Account Abstr. allows users to interact with the blockchain without worrying about the underlying technical details.

How does account abstraction differ from the traditional model?

In the traditional account model, each user has an EOA. EOAs are controlled by private keys, which must be kept secret in order to protect the user's funds. Acc. abstraction allows users to create and manage their accounts using smart contracts.

Historical Context

The journey towards acc. abstraction began with the first generation of blockchain technologies, characterized by their "one-size-fits-all" approach to account management. Bitcoin, for instance, introduced the concept of accounts and transactions in a form that was accessible to tech-savvy individuals but remained perplexing to the layperson. Ethereum expanded on this by introducing smart contracts, which opened the door to programmable transactions but did not alter the fundamental account structure. The idea of acc. abstraction has been discussed in the Ethereum community for several years as a part of various Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), particularly as a feature to be potentially implemented in Ethereum 2.0. It is a direct response to the need for a more versatile and user-centric design that can cater to a broader audience and spur the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

The Technicalities of Account Abstraction

Account abstraction is not merely a theoretical construct but a technical innovation with specific mechanisms underpinning its operation. In essence, it alters the way transactions are initiated and executed within a blockchain network.

How Account Abstraction Works

Under traditional blockchain models, initiating a transaction involves an externally owned account (EOA) signing a transaction with a private key. This transaction is then broadcast to the network for validation and inclusion in the blockchain. Account abstraction, however, replaces this process with a more flexible one. Here, every account is a smart contract, and transactions are messages sent through these contracts. These smart contracts can encode complex rules for transaction validation, beyond what EOAs can do, such as multi-signature requirements or conditional transactions based on certain triggers.

The technical crux of account abstraction lies in the smart contract’s ability to define its own conditions for transaction execution. This means that user accounts can have unique security protocols or automated operations without the user needing to understand the underlying smart contract code.

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The Benefits of Account Abstraction

The implications of account abstraction are profound, offering a range of benefits that can enhance the blockchain experience for users and developers alike.

Improved User Experience

One of the most significant advantages of account abstraction is the improvement it brings to user experience. By abstracting away the complexities of key management and transaction rules, it presents a more intuitive interface for users.

Enhanced Security Features

Account abstraction also allows for the implementation of advanced security measures. Since each account can define its own logic, users can tailor their security settings to their specific needs. For instance, one might set up an account that requires additional verification for transactions exceeding a certain value or restricts withdrawals to certain addresses.

Future Implications

The future implications of account abstraction are vast. As the technology matures, it could become a standard feature of blockchain networks, potentially making the current distinction between user accounts and smart contracts obsolete. This could lead to a new wave of blockchain applications that are both powerful and accessible, bringing us closer to the vision of blockchain technology as a seamless part of everyday life.

Challenges and Considerations

Technical Limitations

One of the primary technical challenges of Acc. abstraction lies in its integration with existing blockchain protocols. Current networks are optimized for the EOA model, and introducing a new account structure necessitates significant changes to the core protocol. This includes modifications to the way transactions are propagated in the network, how gas fees are calculated, and how the state of the blockchain is managed. Ensuring that these changes do not compromise the network's performance or security requires careful planning and extensive testing.

Compatibility with Current Systems

Another consideration is the compatibility of account abstr. with the vast ecosystem of existing blockchain applications and services. Wallets, exchanges, and other services have been built around the traditional account model. Transitioning to an acc. abstraction model will require these services to update their infrastructure, which may be a complex and resource-intensive process. Furthermore, there is a need for standardization across the industry to ensure that different implementations of account abstr. can work seamlessly together.


Acc. abstraction represents a significant leap forward in the quest for a more user-friendly blockchain experience. By streamlining the transaction process and offering enhanced security features, acc abstraction has the potential to make blockchain technology more accessible to a broader audience. However, the path to widespread adoption is not without its obstacles. Technical challenges and compatibility issues must be carefully navigated to integrate it into the existing blockchain landscape.

Key Takeaways

How to Add Gnosis Chain to MetaMask: A Simple Tutorial


03 Nov 2023
How to Add Gnosis Chain to MetaMask: A Simple Tutorial

As the cryptocurrency ecosystem expands, there is an increasing need for various blockchains with distinct capabilities. Gnosis Chain enters the scene, offering a selection of unique characteristics. By integrating Gnosis Chain with MetaMask, users can access a more comprehensive array of decentralized services. We will walk you through the steps to add Gnosis Chain to your MetaMask wallet in this tutorial.


Setting up MetaMask

Before exploring the integration of Gnosis Chain, it is crucial to have MetaMask installed and operational:

  • Download and Install: If you have not done so already, visit the official website to download and install the MetaMask browser extension.
  • Setup Account: After completing the installation, create your account and make sure to remember the provided seed phrase. This phrase serves as your primary means for account recovery, so keep it secure.
  • Secure Your Account: Protecting your MetaMask account is of utmost importance. Use a robust password and never disclose your seed phrase to anyone.

Gnosis Chain

It is always helpful to have a basic understanding before incorporating any new blockchain into your wallet:

  • Gnosis Chain Overview: Gnosis Chain, a rising star in the blockchain world, brings a range of decentralized solutions to the table, such as prediction markets and decentralized trading platforms.
  • Benefits & Features: Among Gnosis Chain's main selling points are its accelerated transaction speeds and potentially lower fees when compared to congested networks.

Tutorial: How to Add Gnosis Chain to MetaMask

In the top right-hand corner of your browser, you'll find the wallet. If pinned, click on the MetaMask fox icon; if not, click the three dots in the top-right corner. The following screen will appear:

An option to expand the wallet to a new browser page is available by clicking "Expand view:"

This action will launch MetaMask in a new tab:

By clicking on the ‘Ethereum mainnet’ in the top left corner, you can add another network. Click ‘Add Network’

Choose option ‘Add a network manually’

Then, input the information below:

Network Name: Gnosis Chain formerly xDai


ChainID: 100

Symbol: XDAI

Block Explorer URL:

After saving the settings, Gnosis Chain will be added to your network.

The Benefits of Adding Gnosis Chain to MetaMask

With multiple blockchains becoming more common, integrating Gnosis Chain with MetaMask offers numerous advantages:

Expanded Capabilities: Accessing Gnosis Chain through MetaMask opens up a collection of exclusive applications and features inherent to this particular blockchain, which may include unique dapps or cutting-edge financial products.

Diversification: The crypto domain is extensive and constantly growing. By incorporating various chains like Gnosis into MetaMask, you broaden your potential investment opportunities and decentralized application experiences, ensuring no opportunities are missed.

Speed & Cost-Effectiveness: Network congestion and high gas fees on established platforms like Ethereum can discourage many users. Gnosis Chain's architecture has the potential to provide relief through quicker transaction times and more affordable fees.

In summary, as the possibilities within the crypto sphere continue to evolve, tools like MetaMask grant users access to this expanding world. By adding chains like Gnosis, users can stay ahead in this decentralized revolution.


By bridging platforms like Gnosis Chain with accessible tools like MetaMask, individuals not only amplify their engagement with decentralized applications but also fortify their position in this expansive realm. The integration of Gnosis Chain to MetaMask epitomizes the evolution of the crypto landscape – a testament to its ever-growing diversity and potential. As we continue to delve deeper into the decentralized future, tools and integrations like these will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping our digital experiences and opportunities. Whether you're seeking more efficient transactions, diverse dapp interactions, or simply a broader understanding of the crypto ecosystem, this guide's steps open doors to a new horizon.