Blockchain development

Increase trust and add transparency to regulated
and third-party dependent markets

Bring change to your industry

In the globalized world, transactions and data exchange require fast and reliable solutions. Trust in the authenticity and provenance of documents, goods and services is crucial to doing business.

While businesses seek that trust, desired third parties like brokers, validators and institutions might become slow, unresponsive, untrustworthy or even corrupt.

Non-biased validation

Replace intermediaries and external technology-based validators for speed and precision of the process.

Verified provenance

Assure your customers about your products and the origin of your materials.

Transparency of the process

Let market participants trust the process and derive value from its advantages.

Authenticity of data

Distributed ledgers and smart contracts will ensure your data immutability.

Blockchain technology brings the opportunity to replace weak points and bottlenecks of business processes in regulated and complex industries.


Blockchain technology brings excellence to industries that are characterized by complexity and a great number of participants and actors, require high data security, process excellence, and undisputed authenticity of data and assets.

Industries with the greatest number of Blockchain deployments:

  • FinTech
  • Trading
  • Banking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Identity verification
  • Global Trade
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Healthcare
  • eCommerce
  • Many more

Technologies and solutions you get:

Public blockchains

Enable your customers to freely join your products and services. Build your business on Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains.


Develop your application on public blockchains. Open doors for new business models in finance, trade, marketing, art, and others.

Permissioned Blockchain

Build a solution that combines the advantages of public Blockchain with the ability to control participants of the network.

Enterprise DLT solutions

Build a reliable and transparent solution that will serve your complex business process. Keep data and documents protected and available.


Connect your business and databases with Blockchain networks to push or pull information when needed.


Connect with multi-blockchains. Plug in your Dapp to any blockchains and gain new customers and markets.

Process tracking

Get real visibility of your business processes and value chains, based on real-time and authenticated data.

Smart Contracts

Automate your processes with best-in-class smart contracts to speed up your operations and enhance security.

List of technologies

Your Web3 MVP in two months.


delivered Blockchain-based projects


delivered projects that were subject to strict regulatory guidance


tokenization projects


Blockchain devs

Get end-to-end service

  • Business Consulting

    Get help in choosing a business model, the legal framework and legal entity, and country of operation

  • Technology Consulting

    Get advice on the best available technologies for your project and business requirements

  • Product Design

    Great products require beautiful designs and the best User Experience; we take care of that for you

  • Mobile & Website Development

    Get a functional application accessible on all devices, perfect on both frontend and backend

  • Support & Maintenance

    We are responsible for maintaining your project after its deployment and will help you with its continuous development

Alior Bank: a durable medium solution developed with Ethereum public Blockchain

Alior Bank, likewise all banks in European Union, is obliged to deliver to their clients’ commercial information in an imperishable and unalterable form. For those reasons, Alior Bank sought a FinTech and Blockchain technology partner that will deliver integration of Ethereum Blockchain with Bank’s online service and in the long run maintain the solution.

Case study

Debuddy: Save time&money on building your dApps

Debuddy combines a tool for both developers and the business side of the project (project managers, clients etc.) It intends to help entire organizations develop Web3 projects as the success of the implementation depends on both.

Case study

TCake: Analytics tool for trading on Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges

TCake provides its clients with the tool enabling them to create accurate trading strategies and constantly observing and controlling the positions on decentralized exchanges. With TCake, the market analysis process is faster and easier.

Case study

Silver Cryptocoin B.V. is a dutch company which sells physical silver online.

The company wanted to allow the investors a more convenient way of purchase and storage this commodity and to expand investment possibilities for buyers. Thus the crypto token appeared. Instead of buying physical silver, an investor can buy its digital equivalent on Ethereum Blockchain as ERC20 tokens fully backed by physical silver stored securely by the company. Investor can conveniently sell owned tokens on crypto exchanges or directly in peer-to-peer way.

Case study

Why should you outsource your FinTech project to Nextrope?

To get tailored technology consulting

You no longer need to spend long hours researching and analyzing available technologies. We have hands-on experience in a wide array of technologies, their applications, and their pros & cons. Let us do the legwork for you

To avoid technical debt

Get a well thought out design and development of your product. With the best choice of technology and product structure, you will avoid future expenses of potential software limitations.

To kick-off your project within the next few weeks

Our team's programming skills are 99% built on Blockchain-based projects. Leverage our in-depth know-how on Blockchain and have our team work on your product to stand out from your competitors.

Scope of the project







Next Enterprises has provided the bank with a technology service related to the bank’s implementation of a project using blockchain technologies. As part of the cooperation, the company made the service available in the SaaS model, maintaining a solution on its servers, ensuring its availability for the Bank and guaranteeing the quality consistent with the quality standards contained in the contract.

Tomasz Sienicki

Tomasz Sienicki

Blockchain Strategy Manager at Alior Bank

Working together with the team over at Nextrope defines a whole new level of quality, innovative solutions, and professional services. If you need any support with blockchain technology, you came to the professionals. Would definitely recommend!

Kajetan Komar-Komarowski

Kajetan Komar-Komarowski

Co-owner and lawyer at Lex Secure

November 2017 we have published a game using smart contracts as a distribution and transaction mechanism. Nextrope team supported us in the most important part of the project - creating and testing secure blockchain smart contracts on Ethereum network. I can highly recommend Mateusz and his team, as the true experts in the blockchain field.

Maciej Skrzypczak

Maciej Skrzypczak

CEO Gameset