ICO: NeXtrope's approach

We have developed crowdsales with over 8 figures in sales.

Token sales (crowdsales) are becoming a very popular topic not only within our client-base, but also in the mainstream. Token sales frequently focus on the issuance, and sale of a cryptographically secure token that grants purchasers guaranteed access to a product. By allowing customers to “pre-order” access, the issuer not only guarantee sales, but also guarantee interest, and potentially increase the resources that can be devoted to development.

Example of our work

As NeXtrope we’re able to provide a multidimensional help in terms of carrying out an ICO, ranging from selected services such as preparing the whitepaper or the demo of the product, to a full service including the technical support and marketing of the crowdsale.

The Process

Project Consultation
KYC & Compliance
Website and marketing
Product Development

We understand that the crowdsale landscape for an existing product or idea can be difficult to navigate through. Clients looking to convert their vision into a successful crowdsale need expertise, guidance, and advice from industry leaders who have had hands-on experience with the complete process. We can provide this expertise by arranging project consultations before you even begin and following you throughout the process. With marketing experts, developers and people with industry-insider insights, we can provide expertise that no one else can.

Our client-focused approach has delivered results, and is what we believe, the key element in the success of us and our clients.

Nextrope has several blockchain based turn-key solutions to handle the payment of your token sale. Our system allows the user to create an individual account with a registered contribution addresses. With our infrastructure in place, you can collection of a diverse set of popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, BCH, Litecoin and Dash. Not only is this more secure than the traditional crowdsale infrastructure, the great selection of payment methods available to your customers also increases your potential customer base.

At Nextrope, we are fully aware of how important the legal aspect is for every successful crowdsale campaign. At the heart of many of legal regulations is the need for a robust KYC(Know Your Customer) verification system. In order to help you satisfy these requirements, we have an optional third-party KYC provider that can integrate with the registration system to process KYC verification.

We also have partners that develop sophisticated algorithms which detect the origin of purchases. By analyzing blockchain transactions, these algorithms can, with high accuracy, identify whether the purchases were made using illegally obtained funds, such as hacks and scams. While no AML policy is bulletproof, we can provide a much better level of compliance for your project.

Token economics, or Tokenomics, are token structures that dictate how users interact with your product, and between each other. Nextrope works with a number of team members that are well experienced in both the theoretical and practical side of token economics. As tokenomics is a large portion of a successful blockchain-based product, our expertise would help you ensure your customer’s goals with the greatest impact.

Our web-development team are experts in their field, and have experience building project with excellent customer retention rates. With Dozens of A/B tests conducted throughout your crowdsale, our designers will craft elegant and easy to navigate pages that focus on your conversion rate.

Our Marketing team are well in touch with the blockchain community, and in particular the crowdsale scene. With insider-knowledge, we can help you draft an adaptive, and effective marketing programme from the ground up. A programme that will not only expand your brand, but also greatly enhance your token sales.

Our team of developers, operating under our brand Nextrope, have expertise in a number of software technologies including Solidity, Truffle, HyperLedeger, React JS, Angular ... With our world-class team, we can provide both consultation regarding the technology, and help you develop a demo in order to showcase the token purchasers how your product will work. Not only would this impress your customers, but it also provides people a much better understanding of what you are selling.

After your successful crowdsale, we are also here should you need our expertise to develop the product to fruition. We are an elastic team, and are ready to scale up in order to fulfill your development goals.

Are you planning to run an ICO? Do you want to consider it?

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