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SOIL: Secure returns on stablecoins backed by Real World Assets

DeFi Marketplace Connecting Corporate Debt with Crypto Loans

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Soil is a blockchain-based lending protocol that bridges the gap between traditional finance and the crypto world, reshaping corporate debt and fixed-income investments. It is a debt marketplace where established companies can obtain financing, and crypto investors can lend their stablecoins to earn yield derived from Real World Assets that exist off-chain.

Bridging DeFi and Traditional Finance

Nextrope has meticulously designed the smart contract infrastructure, user flow, and UI/UX in accordance with Soil's business requirements, focusing on creating an accessible and user-friendly platform that merges advanced DeFi mechanisms, such as lending, staking, and liquidity pool participation, to bridge the crypto and traditional finance worlds.

Following the product consultancy phase, Nextrope seamlessly transitioned into the implementation stage, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for bringing Soil's vision to life.



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Soil’s Challenges

Soil's core challenge lies in the vulnerability of DeFi lending platforms to defaults and yield volatility during rapid crypto market declines due to limited business diversity and reliance on fragile collaterals. This restricts the potential APY to around 2%. Meanwhile, accessibility to yields generated through loans has been uneven, benefiting corporates, banks, and institutional investors more than the wider public.

Soil aims to solve this by bridging the crypto and traditional economies, allowing all to earn attractive and predictable interest by lending to real-world companies. Soil's uniqueness is in mitigating risk through cash flows from non-crypto businesses, fully collateralized by Real World Assets.

This democratizes capital and provides an alternative financing marketplace for companies while safeguarding crypto lenders from market fluctuations. Soil's innovative approach addresses these issues by linking crypto loans to real-world business performance.

Requirements for the project and the technology partner

Why did Soil selected Nextrope as its technological partner?

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    High-Yield Crypto Loans

    Users can earn stable yields on stablecoin loans backed by traditional business cash flows, providing stability in variable market conditions.
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    Pools and Yield

    Soil provides various crypto loan pools with fixed yields and additional incentives, including SOIL token rewards for early lenders and stakers.
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    Incentives for Early Lenders

    Early lenders are rewarded through the Early Birds Pool, encouraging trust and engagement.
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    Principal Protection

    Soil establishes a Guarantee Fund to enhance safety, cover default risks, and secure loan repayments. It's funded by SOIL token sales and invested to mitigate single-chain risks.
Safety comes first! We've achieved a perfect 10/10 score in a security audit conducted by Hacken, a highly trusted blockchain security auditor.
Technology choice
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    Node.js with NestJS

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    PostgreSQL database

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Key takeaways about Nextrope

Nextrope is an international software development company focused on practical blockchain applications, dApps and artificial intelligence. Starting in 2015 and with clients from all over the world we are known as pioneers in the growing, decentralized ecosystem.

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