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Dript: The Future of Secure Luxury Shopping

Learn what role did Nextrope play in the process of building Dript’s marketplace

Case study

Revolutionizing Brand Merchandise Sales

Dript is a standard marketplace for luxury clothing. It serves as a sales portal, but what sets it apart is its enhanced security measures. Before making a purchase, customers can request that the item be sent to a Dript verification point. This ensures the authenticity and quality of the product they're buying. Furthermore, Dript is planning on integrating blockchain verification to further enhance the product verification process. This means that buyers can be even more confident in the authenticity of their purchases.












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Nextrope made the Blockchain service available guaranteeing the quality consistent with the quality standard contained in the contract

Alior Bank

Tomasz Sienicki

Blockchain Strategy Manager, Alior Bank

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The Problem

In today's digital marketplace, consumers often face an increasing risk of purchasing counterfeit or unauthorized products, especially when shopping for high-demand and luxury brands. The sale of fake items not only deceives customers but also undermines the trust and reputation of authentic brands. Traditional e-commerce platforms have struggled to provide a foolproof solution to this problem.

This challenge poses several issues:

  • Counterfeit Products: Counterfeit goods flooding the market can lead to a loss of revenue for brands, as well as disappointment and financial losses for consumers.
  • Brand Reputation: The presence of fake products tarnishes the reputation of legitimate brands, which can lead to a decrease in customer trust and loyalty.
  • Consumer Confidence: Consumers are often hesitant to make online purchases, fearing they may receive fake or substandard products, leading to a reduction in e-commerce growth.

The Solution

Revolutionizing the Luxury Shopping Experience with Dript.

Advanced Verification System: At the heart of Dript's unique approach is its verification system. Before sealing the deal, buyers have the option to request that their chosen items be sent to a Dript verification point. This physical inspection ensures that every item sold meets the highest standards of authenticity and quality.

Protecting Brand Integrity: Dript offers a platform where only genuine products find a place. By ensuring that all items sold are authentic, Dript becomes a fortress for luxury brands, ensuring they remain synonymous with authenticity and quality.

Boosting Consumer Confidence: The knowledge that each purchase undergoes a thorough verification gives consumers the confidence to shop without apprehension. This trust will undoubtedly increase engagement and reliance on online shopping platforms, pushing forward the growth of e-commerce.

Continuous Evolution: In a world where counterfeit methods are always advancing, Dript commits to continuous research and updating its verification methodologies. This ensures that the platform remains a step ahead, offering both brands and consumers a safe space to connect.

Through these innovative measures, Dript positions itself not just as another e-commerce platform, but as a pioneer in ensuring trust and authenticity in the digital shopping realm.

Requirements for the project and the technology partner

Why did Dript selected Nextrope as its technological partner?

  • Shield icon Secure image

    Security Focus

    Nextrope's expertise in this area assured Dript that its platform would be robust and resistant to tampering or fraud.
  • Rocket icon Reliable image

    Customization Capabilities

    Nextrope's ability to customize future blockchain solutions may have aligned with Dript's unique requirements, allowing for a tailored approach to their marketplace development.
  • File icon Transparent image

    Expertise in Blockchain Technology

    Nextrope developers possess deep knowledge and hands-on experience in blockchain technology, ensuring that the NFTs created are secure, verifiable, and of the highest quality.
  • User icon Verification image

    Holistic Approach

    Beyond just coding and technical development, Nextrope offers a holistic approach that considers the broader ecosystem of clients’ needs.
Technology choice
  • Nodejs icon

    Node.js with Loopback framework for serving REST API

  • React icon

    React and React Native

  • PostgreSQL icon

    PostgreSQL database

Key takeaways about Nextrope

Nextrope is an international software development company focused on practical blockchain applications, dApps and artificial intelligence. Starting in 2015 and with clients from all over the world we are known as pioneers in the growing, decentralized ecosystem.

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