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Working at Nextrope is not just a job – it’s a way for you to be at the forefront of the Fintech industry. Our team is welcoming, flexible and experienced - so the projects we do are of the highest standard.

Be our NEXT leader and make a difference that matters.

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At Nextrope, we want exciting and disruptive talent that brings value to our team and passion that unleashes creativity. Technology is the art of a handful, so we know you are special, but do you? 

Join us and enjoy all the benefits from working with experienced leaders that want you to succeed. Under our guidance, you can. 

Nextrope Benefits

  1. Professional Development

    At Nextrope, we give our employees the time and opportunity to learn something new every day. Their development is our priority, so we want them to be curious, try new things and see where it takes them. 

  2. Skill Acquisition

    Think outside of the box, engage with new technologies and prepare new solutions. Our clients are innovating the Fintech and Blockchain industries, so they expect unconventional thinking from our end. One thing is certain, you will never get bored with projects at Nextrope. 

  3. Remote work

    Do you prefer to work from home or in a café downtown? The day is full of endless possibilities and inspiration can come from anywhere. That is why we want you to choose the environment that best suits your needs. You choose, you perform. 

  4. Opportunities for growth and career development

    Learn new skills, meet industry leaders, and face new challenges. Your development is measured by result performance but also by how much you move outside of your comfort zone. We want you to have courage, take initiative and its fine if you’re not perfect at first, you have the time to grow.

  5. Start-up atmosphere

    We value a friendly working atmosphere, convenience, and flexibility. These enabled us to build a strong company that has doubled in size and reach every year. In just four years, we have become a leader in Central and Eastern Europe in the fields of FinTech and Blockchain.

  6. Mental Health and Wellness

    Your health is our collective engine. We want you to be and feel positive and if you don’t, no problem! At times, the job will be challenging, and we know life can be complicated. That’s why at Nextrope, we want you to talk to us! We are a team, in good times and especially not so good times. 

  7. Team Retreats

    Once a year, we organize a get-away to a beautiful location so that we can relax and get to know each other better. Work is like a team-sport and here, we do some drill practice. 

  8. Free Learning Resources

    We provide you with an extensive range of high-quality resources that you can use. We have blockchain groups where you can learn Solidity and Solana on different levels. Everyone in the team joins different units and has the opportunity to develop blockchain skills during work hours. Learn as you work. 

  9. Language Classes

    We want you to develop your English and interact with the global tech community. Opportunity is a door that languages (and a reasonable skill set) will open! At Nextrope, we conduct meetings in both English and Polish and encourage our colleagues to speak. 

Check out our recruitment process

We are looking for people with a game-changer attitude.

  • 1


    Find the opening that suits you best and apply. Then we will review your application and within 3-7 days, we will call you to further discuss about the position. 

  • 2

    Training day

    You will receive a real-life development task to complete. You will see what kind of work we do and how we operate. Solve the challenges and show us your skills!

  • 3


    Time to learn about Nextrope and you. Here we will go into greater detail about our work environment and the projects we engage in. This is also the moment to see if there is a value-match. People first, skills just after.

  • 4


    Nextrope is a flat organization with straightforward and quick decision-making structures. At every step, you will receive feedback and know where to move from there. 

  • 5


    Congratulations, you made it – you are part of the NEXT family now. Everything has been arranged so that you can hit the ground running. 

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