Development of Web3 &
Decentralized Finance

We know the ropes of new-era Web3 projects
based on permissionless blockchains

Are you ready to join the new Web3 reality?

We will deliver skilled developers to build your Decentralized product.

At Nextrope we help entrepreneurs to decentralize the traditional financial industry.

We develop permissionless financial service ecosystems based on Blockchain infrastructure with high attention to attractive and intuitive UI and UX.

Hire us to develop reliable software that your clients will love you for.

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Reasons why financial entrepreneurs should build their new business on DeFi:

  • The market is booming. Market demand is increasing every single day.
  • DeFi is getting institutional focus in the financial industry.
  • Bring about change, lower the barriers to entry to the financial sector, and empower unbanked users to participate in the world of finance.
  • Low entry barriers compared to traditional financial services and banking.
  • Global access to clients and capital exchanged on main blockchains.
  • Speed of transaction attractive to global businesses.

Benefits for Web3 & DeFi development


Reach a high level of security thanks to superior smart contracts deployed on public blockchains.


In the world of limited trust, provide your clients with the tools to transfer capital directly to their digital wallets.


Build inclusive worldwide financial tools available for everyone.

Global access to the Internet of Money

Build a truly global financial platform with a global liquidity pool.

New Models for Yield Generation

Build solutions that are increasingly popular with institutional finance.

We can build a Decentralized Application running on a public Blockchain to plug you into a borderless and distributed financial system.

Blockchains and technologies for your Web3 & DeFi project:

Web3 & DeFi services:

Smart Contract Development

Work with the best smart contract developers to get bug-free contracts running your Dapp.

Custodian and Wallet Development

Offer a secure wallet that your clients will use to store and manage their funds with a KYT (know-your transaction) mechanism.

DeFi consulting services

Decentralized Applications (Dapps) development.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) Development

A decentralized exchange allows your users to trade with each other without a middleman. Base your solution on an order book model or automated market maker.

Token Development

Take advantage of our support and service throughout the entire cooperation process.


State-of-the-art oracles to feed data and pricing labels. Work with us to be confident in your integrations and API development.

Data Link Layer - Layer 2 solutions

Run your financial product on more efficient, more sustainable and faster Blockchain solutions.

Web3 will fundamentally change how we collaborate. Read + write + trust features of Web3 will influence how we:

  • build businesses
  • design governance systems
  • operate global organizations

End-to-end Web3 & DeFi consulting services

  • Business Consulting

    Get help in choosing a business model, the legal framework and legal entity, and country of operation.

  • Marketing Consulting

    Get support in the tokenization process, white paper preparation, marketing your project, IDO or other selected form of token launch, and token distribution.

  • Technology Consulting

    Get advice on the best available technologies, networks, consensus mechanisms, and applications to add value to your project.

  • Product Design

    Great products require beautiful designs and the best User Experience; we take care of that for you.

  • Mobile & Website Development

    Get a functional application accessible on all devices, perfect on both frontend and backend.

  • Support & Maintenance

    We are responsible for maintaining your project after its deployment and will help you with its continuous development.

Why you should start your DeFi project with Nextrope?

Trusted Technology

We test new technologies and applications on a daily basis; our goal is to ensure that your project is equipped with the best available solutions.

Tested UI and UX

Get support from our graphic designers and UX specialists to deliver intuitive and user-friendly software for you and your clients.

FinTech specialists are ready for action

Our team is ready to join your project within 3-5 working days. Our understanding and know-how in the nuances of DeFi and FinTech gives you a competitive edge in your market.

Scope of the project







Next Enterprises has provided the bank with a technology service related to the bank’s implementation of a project using blockchain technologies. As part of the cooperation, the company made the service available in the SaaS model, maintaining a solution on its servers, ensuring its availability for the Bank and guaranteeing the quality consistent with the quality standards contained in the contract.

Tomasz Sienicki

Tomasz Sienicki

Blockchain Strategy Manager at Alior Bank

Working together with the team over at Nextrope defines a whole new level of quality, innovative solutions, and professional services. If you need any support with blockchain technology, you came to the professionals. Would definitely recommend!

Kajetan Komar-Komarowski

Kajetan Komar-Komarowski

Co-owner and lawyer at Lex Secure

November 2017 we have published a game using smart contracts as a distribution and transaction mechanism. Nextrope team supported us in the most important part of the project - creating and testing secure blockchain smart contracts on Ethereum network. I can highly recommend Mateusz and his team, as the true experts in the blockchain field.

Maciej Skrzypczak

Maciej Skrzypczak

CEO Gameset