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Smartphone wallet for utility tokens

Selfmaker develops and builds innovative self-service kiosks. The company decided to invite its clients to participate in the development of the company and earn with it, using the emerging token economics and blockchain technology.

Business Benefits

  • Building a community around the company
  • Raising financing for the company's development through blockchain technology
  • A safe and convenient place for investors to store their tokens

The most important project requirements:


The wallet is to be layman-friendly in the world of crypto / blockchain


It has to encourage the investor to share the results with their contacts


It has to be an information center about the user's investment

Technology choice


Node.js with Loopback 4 framework for serving REST API


React Native

The challenges we had to face up were:

Create an intuitive user interface that supports complex blockchain processes.

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Konrad Szałapak

Konrad Szałapak

COO of Development

Scope of the project







Tomasz Sienicki

Tomasz Sienicki

Blockchain Strategy Manager at Alior Bank

Next Enterprises has provided the bank with a technology service related to the bank’s implementation of a project using blockchain technologies. As part of the cooperation, the company made the service available in the SaaS model, maintaining a solution on its servers, ensuring its availability for the Bank and guaranteeing the quality consistent with the quality standards contained in the contract.

Kajetan Komar-Komarowski

Kajetan Komar-Komarowski

Co-owner and lawyer at Lex Secure

Working together with the team over at Nextrope defines a whole new level of quality, innovative solutions, and professional services. If you need any support with blockchain technology, you came to the professionals. Would definitely recommend!

Maciej Skrzypczak

Maciej Skrzypczak

CEO Gameset

November 2017 we have published a game using smart contracts as a distribution and transaction mechanism. Nextrope team supported us in the most important part of the project - creating and testing secure blockchain smart contracts on Ethereum network. I can highly recommend Mateusz and his team, as the true experts in the blockchain field.